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How To Build Your Website With Wix In Our Over-The-Shoulder Video Series

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Building a website that will show off your business has been a great point of contention for many business owners.

But there is a better way, some might say even the best way!

WIX websites have been popping up all over the net for almost 15 years now and they are some of the best sites online.

At first glance, it seems like just another drag and drop website builder but then you get so much more with Wix.


Anyone Can Do It

The one thing that Wix has gotten right over the years is making their services accessible to anyone.

Regardless of your technical knowledge or internet savviness, you can build a highly professional website in mere minutes.

You do not need to know anything about code or building a site to get your business online.

They have made it so simple that literally, anyone can build an awesome-looking website with just their mouse.

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Features Galore

Wix has an awesome bouquet of site features that you can build into your site with.

From the standard eCommerce ready websites to some truly amazing flash driven websites.

It’s the Flash add-ons that have set them apart from the competition. They started offering Flash-driven websites way before anyone else and have cornered that market completely.

And the possible integrations that you can add to your site make your online business ready to roll in minutes. You can integrate PayPal, Google Maps, and any type of media that you want, and much more.


Best Things in Life are Free

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One of the best things about Wix is that you can get your business online with a host of great features for free.

They have a free hosting option that gives you everything that you need to get you started.

Hosting, analytics, and website bandwidth are all included and you will be ready to earn money online minutes later.

And for those that are looking for, even more, there are paid options that give you even more for your money.

All this and more are why Wix is the premiere website building platform online and will most likely stay that way for some time to come.


Build Your Websites With Wix

Build Your Websites With Wix

Here's a List of the Video Titles Included in this training:

1. Overview

2. Plans and Pricing

3. Wix Partner and Affiliate Programs

4. Sign Up and Basic Design

5. Adding a Section

6. Adding a Page

7. General Settings

8. Adding a Contributor

9. Advanced Settings – Part 1

10. Advanced Settings – Store Settings – Automated Order E-Mails

11. Advanced Settings – Paid Videos

12. Advanced Settings – Wix E-Mail Inbox

13. Advanced Settings – Quotes and Invoices

14. Video Settings Upload

15. Video Settings – Part 2

16. Live Streaming Video – Part 1

17. Live Streaming Video – Part 2

18. Live Streaming Codecs and Video Channels

19. Blog Post Creation

20. Conclusion

Additional Bonus

Speech to Audio Icon

You will also receive our lessons in audio format!

We know that time is at a premium and it’s not always possible to find a suitable slot in the day to sit down and watch our training videos.

Thats why we’ve included all our lessons in audio format so you can listen and learn on the go.

It’s great for multitasking, whether on the commute to work, enjoying a walk in the park or even preparing the evening meal!

Experience Is The Best Teacher

We’ve set up many Wix sites in the past. We put our experience to good use when creating our videos.

You’ll be able to build your site from scratch. The best thing by far is the fact that you’ll be able to repeat and scale the entire process.

There is no reason why you can’t have more than one site at Wix. You’ll get the hang of it and build more websites.

Remember, the more sites you have, the more likelihood of making money.


Take Advantage Of All That Wix Has To Offer

Wix is a great place for inexperienced and professionals to create fantastic sites. Get the most out of what they offer by watching our videos.

You’ll gain vital insider information from professionals who use Wix ever day. They choose to host their sites there and you should too.

You’ll be able to after watching our videos.

The entire process isn’t as difficult as you think if you’re watching a seasoned professional instruct you along the way.

Sign up for this training today and make your future as bright as it possibly can be.

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Well, so many people often try to work their way through these things on their own and end up wasting time, getting frustrated with failure. This is because they get bad advice and end up on the wrong route to success.

We are here to show the right road to take and this video series is going to give you the step-by-step process.

We will take show you how to do it as we do it! so all you must do is follow the steps and do what we do!

No more wasting time figuring out what to do next!

When you invest in this video training today, you get the best way to invest in your future! Plus we are going to make it super easy by offering you this video training at an amazing $11.95.

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