Affiliate Marketing Courses

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Founded in 1998, Clickbank is one of the best-known affiliate marketing networks in the business. It lets you connect the product owners, also known as merchants or advertisers, with the affiliates (publishers) that help sell the products. This platform is by far the most used and biggest of its kind and gives its users a wide variety of services and tools.

The platform lets you market your digital goods, like eBooks and software, to buyers that are funneled by the many affiliates on the platform. Clickbank also has a payment gateway that helps you process the payments from clients and to affiliates.

Clickbank gives you the following benefits:

  • Great way to start your online business – get your new business off the ground by linking up with Clickbank to get the sales going.
  • Powerful way to get connected to affiliates – connect to the affiliates that make the sales so that you get more customers and sales
  • Rewards for referrals – get new business owners to sign up with Clickbank and they will reward you for your effort.
  • Safety Features – Clickbank make sure that you have 5 unique buyers before you get your first payment to keep the network clean and 100% effective. After the 5th purchase, you get your payments every two weeks in your bank.

These features and more make Clickbank the most innovative and effective way to bridge the divide between buyers and sellers, creating the way for both merchants and affiliates to make money and profit. The platform offers you fantastic ways to advertise your products and services so that you can attract the best affiliates to your stable and get your business profits up like never before.