Productivity Courses

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This online accounting package is aimed at the small to medium enterprise to track your daily transactions and keep the accounting clean in their business. Developed by Intuitive, Quickbooks Online is one of the easiest accounting packages on the market and it will organize every transaction from payments, invoicing clients, reporting on all your financial movements as well your tax filing. It gives you the option of cloud-based accounting or onsite applications with a comprehensive product list, each focused on a business sector or industry. With Quickbooks, you need not be an accountant as it is designed to simple to use with easily understandable terminology and excellent user support.


Slack has almost 12 million users, which makes it one of the most popular sharing platforms in the industry. Slack allows its users the ability to share pictures and videos as well as send messages and video calls. With the customizable channels, you can organize your messages the way you want them whilst keeping everything safe and secure. The project management tool is particularly useful and because of its complex simplicity, it is ranked second only to Microsoft Teams in the world.


The most fun way to collaborate around your work, and if you are familiar with Kanban board work, you will love Trello. If not you will find the unique way that it helps you organize your work and projects refreshing and innovative whilst keeping your finger on the pulse of your organization. This software helps you organize, coordinate and track the work that is being done with a simple visual workflow UI and give you the ability to share your workflow (Trello boards) with people outside of your network.


Evernote is unique in that its feature set it apart from the rest of the market when it comes to note-taking apps and software. It can even double as a project management tool if you are skilled at using the awesome functions that Evernote has. It also allows your team to access the platform from any device as all the data is stored in the cloud, so you get the most out of every resource no matter where they are. You can create notes in text and video as well as share photos and scribbles in attachments or reminders with your team, knowing that everything is safely secure in the cloud. Evernote does not just take notes it also allows you to customize it with a host of options.