Coaching & Teaching Courses

Images are for illustrative purposes only, all courses are digital downloads.


As an online academy, Udemy has one of the widest selections of course material. With specialized courses for both personal and professional development, they have courses that cater to anything from management training, software development including programming in all the languages as well as tutorials on just about anything you can think of. Access to this comprehensive catalog of more than 4000 courses is available one by one on a pay as you learn basis or you could have the whole compendium at your fingertips with a business subscription.

Udemy has made online learning more accessible than ever but that is not where they draw the line. They have also made teaching simpler than ever before, any coach or teacher that would like to create a new course has the opportunity to release their course via Udemy. Teachers can sell their course via the vast Udemy platform and they also have access to the enormous resource catalog in the Udemy library.

This vast library is the reason that they can say that anybody can learn anything anytime online. With regular updates, they promote their courses with video and course material to reach the 3 tiered customer base – the student, the teacher, and the business that want to skill up their employees. These 3 different markets are traditionally very tough on their own but Udemy has found the sweet spot to cater to them all.


A fully online learning community, Skillshare has 1000’s of courses that offer learners up to date courses that cover design, photo & film, business technology, writing, and entrepreneurship. Skillshare has been compared to platforms like Netflix where with a single subscription you get access to the vast library of 22000 courses. They currently have more than 4000 students active on their platform and with teacher revenue over $5 million, they offer both teacher and student excellent learning and earning opportunities. Their courses are divided into 4 main categories:

  • Creative
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Lifestyle