Web Development Courses

Images are for illustrative purposes only, all courses are digital downloads.


As the world’s most popular website building tool, WordPress is the power behind more than a third of the world’s websites, accounting for millions of sites in every market and interest. Starting as a simple blogging platform in 2003 it has grown to a comprehensive website building tool that has more functions than any other. It offers you content management systems and application development tools that will make your website stand out amongst the rest. This has made WordPress one of the easiest and most able site-building tools in the business.


A cloud-based service, Wix allows you to design and build your website or store without ever having to worry about knowing how to code or have any technical knowledge. It also lets you host and install any software that you need for your site in one simple package that is available online. The out of the box features are fantastic and you need no other tool to build your site, all you need is a couple of minutes and your browser and you can get going with Wix.


Simply put, cPanel is a hosting platform that lets you view and manage your website and online traffic in an easy to read, non-technical dashboard. Similar to WordPress, cPanel gives you a user interface that neatly displays your website technical data in such a way that even the most inexperienced person can understand it. CPanel is preferred by developers and novices alike.


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the most common code on the internet to display websites and content. You can structure your content in an arrangement of paragraphs using images and videos just the way you want them. You can even add bullet points and tables to display your data. If you are a developer or even a marketer you should know the basics of HTML, in fact, if you work online you should have at least some knowledge of this widely sued coding language. It can help you format your blog or email campaign and with the help of CMS, you can create complex content for your site or platform.

Amazon S3

Since 2006 Amazon S3 has been offering an alternative to the coding world by using a unique identifier and metadata system instead of the folder/file structure used by others. This unique system allows for more scalability and improved versatility when it comes to storing your data in the cloud. This is also the reason why Amazon S3 has become the largest could storage protocol in use currently. Being in the cloud, it is reliable, scalable, versatile, and most of all affordable. Industry giants like Netflix, Minecraft, Reddit, and even Facebook are just some of the companies using this platform for their content management.