Social Media Courses

Images are for illustrative purposes only, all courses are digital downloads.


Instagram gives you the ability to share your world visually with your network of friends and followers. You can follow others and you can comment and send private messages to your followers. The photos and images that you view on Instagram can be saved for later use.

YouTube Live

YouTube is a popular video-sharing site and their YouTube Live portal gives you the ability to live stream your videos with your audience. Stream your video gameplay live or teach a class or just show off your skills on the street by sharing the video live on YouTube Live. You have 4 unique options to share your live stream with your audience.

  • Stream Now – the fastest way to get your stream out.
  • Events – you can preview your stream before you go live with it to get a bigger audience
  • Mobile – use this option if you want to archive the stream on your web channel
  • PC Webcam – stream right from your desk to your users



With information on just about every topic that you can think of, whether you want to laugh or seeking inspiration for the day, there is something for everyone. With content for everything from painting to horticulture to design to technology, you can find what you need on Pinterest. Often referred to as a modern encyclopedia, Pinterest has every hobby and interest covered with motivating images and GIFs, you can even get the latest recipes for the most amazing food choices. PIN your INTEREST with Pinterest and never lose track of the content you enjoy.


The most popular photo messaging app in the world, Snapchat gives you the ability to limit the time that your recipients can view your images. This gets your users using the app in real-time as they must subscribe to in-app purchases if they want to reply to the images or videos. Add to your friend’s list by accessing your contact lists on your device or Facebook, and send them pictures or a customized selfie by using the in-app facial recognition software to add animations and effects.