Membership Site Courses

Images are for illustrative purposes only, all courses are digital downloads.

WishList Member

This WordPress plugin is one of the most trusted membership applications of its kind. It allows you to create an online community that is private and secure, where you can share with your captive audience. As one of the oldest applications fits kind it is also well supported with updates and security features that make it safe and easy to use. To date, it is being used by more than 100000 membership sites and is still growing in its following.

The latest update – WishList Member 3.0 – rebuilt the plugin from scratch and it offers you the most innovative ways to grow your inline community. You can charge your students once-off or a recurring subscription, grant access to certain content for select members, slowly feed your content to your students over time using the Drip function and you can use the superior functionality and analysis tools to measure your engagement with you users.

Using this plugin you can get your website where you want it and you can use 100’s of other integrations and online tools that seamlessly flow with WishList Member. With private forums and chat rooms, you can build your online community and let grow over time.


aMember Pro

Designed for businesses in the digital sector, aMember Pro helps you manage your membership when selling eBooks, software, and audio files. The range of features and functions lets you create subscriptions, accept payments, and deliver your digital goods to your consumers in a simple application.

aMember is a web-based administration tool that seamlessly integrates into your backend and offers you access to the most popular payment gateways like PayPal or Stripe. It is fully integratable into WordPress and works fantastically with shipping applications like Shipping Cart. When you get stuck you have a full helpdesk module to get you back on the road again. Their support desk is always just an email away and they will help you sort out any query that you might have. You can skill yourself up with the learning library that is available with the application.