Email Marketing Courses

Images are for illustrative purposes only, all courses are digital downloads.


Email marketing is made easy with ActiveCampaign and starting from only $9 per month this application has loads to offer the email marketer. With unlimited emails and third-party integrations and a host of autoresponders available in all the packages, this application has everything you could need for your email campaigns. The wide variety of functions could be daunting at first but you will soon be using the interface like a pro. It has a 14 day trial period where most others offer 30 days, but you will soon see the benefit of this email application, the bonus in this is that it requires no credit card to get going. ActiveCampaign also has a huge library of support services and resources as well as amazing onboarding services that make it exceptionally user-friendly especially with the live chat function that gets you help when you need it.


Starting from $15 a month, GetResponse is a powerful email marketing interface that is perfect for small to medium-sized enterprises looking for an email marketing tool. With a simple but complete function list, GetResponse compares well with other more mature email tools with more comprehensive feature lists. GetResponse is priced right and has many third-party integrations that make it perfect for “beginners” that want to get an email marketing tool that plugs into their current systems. Being compact does not mean its function poor, this application has the structured flow and automation processes that you will find in any of the other more expensive email marketing tools. The compact design and layout also make it easy to learn and simple to use.



With simple templates and an easy-to-use platform, AWeber offers you a great tool with no hidden surprises. Starting at $19 a month, you get a full complement of functions that help you create the most visually appealing emails for your campaign, plus you get all the statistics that you need to keep on top of your campaign performance. Useful functions like file import and template design make this email tool as powerful as any other, and the simple navigation of the interface puts all the best functionality at your fingertips. The wide selection of reporting tools and segmentation functions make AWeber a great choice for all businesses in any market.


Making sure that your emails land in the recipient’s inbox is what SendGrid does best. With spam filtering functionality that makes your emails get to their destination, this cloud-based application is great for any type of business. SendGrid is focused on sales effectiveness and so has functions like A/B testing and list management that help your custom templates bring the sales in, consistently. It also has a full suite of reporting tools and an image library that will help you create amazing email templates. The editing tool is easy to use and lets you set up your email templates just the way you want them. The engagement metrics lets you segment your contact list according to your preference. For optimized email delivery, SendGrid has domain authentication and compliance systems that make it great for reliable delivery of your campaign.