Microsoft Training Courses

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Microsoft 365

MS 365 is the first cloud-based Office suite that has all the applications that you need for your business or studies. It offers you all business-level email functionality and all the popular office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as many others. Depending on your subscription you can also get a host of business-focused applications included like Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. As indicated your subscription determines what you get and there are many to choose from so you will what you want and not pay for needless functionality. The move to cloud-based application hosting also gives you the freedom to choose your subscription as you need it, no more buying licenses for long periods, just pay monthly as you use.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

  • Regular updates as they are released
  • Cloud-based option reduces infrastructure cost for companies
  • Vastly reduced maintenance
  • Scalability on your hardware and storage needs
  • Increased sharing and collaboration abilities
  • Increased productivity
  • Remote working
  • Being in the cloud your work is always backed up

Windows 10

As the most powerful operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10 is also the most complex. The UI is extremely adaptive and intuitive, and although you have to dig deeper than before to customize your Windows experience, you will always get the best performance from your operating system. Innovative features like Cortana and the Edge browser as well as multiple desktops still make Windows 10 the best business and home operating system on the market. Our comprehensive video training library will help you convert from Windows 7 to Windows 10 in no time at all.


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is not just a simple word processor, it is a powerful document creator that will blow you away with all the functions and features that can make your documents jump off the screen or page. The advanced functionalities are interwoven a bit deeper but once you get to understand them you are a Document Wizard. Let our video training library help you unlock the most from your Microsoft Word application or sharpen your advanced skills with new time-saving tricks.

Microsoft Excel

The world-leading spreadsheet application, MS Excel is one of the most used applications on your desktop. It has applications to suit anything from a simple budget to complex financial calculations and formulas. You also have the ability to format your data in many visually appealing ways from graphs to charts as well as displaying complex calculations.


PowerPoint is the most popular presentation software in the market today and you can create the most media-rich slide presentation with this simple but powerful application. It is fully integrated into Microsoft Office and you can import and export your office content like pictures, audio, and video clips into Word and Excel.