Creative Tools Courses

Images are for illustrative purposes only, all courses are digital downloads.


For more than 30 years, Photoshop has been at the forefront of digital image manipulation. It was groundbreaking when it launched and still is one of the best photo editing software applications you can buy. From layered image editing to 3D modeling to typography and drawing can be done with ease using the Photoshop software suite. Most popular among designers and photographers, Photoshop has some of the most advanced functionality built into the application. Functions like AI-powered portrait selection, auto font downloads, and raw data conversion are just some of the excellent abilities that Photoshop gives you.


This video creator is aimed at the animated sector and business applications. With 3 major options that cover Contemporary, Business, and Whiteboard designs, this platform can create videos for anything from training material to commercials and much more. it has a library of assets and functionality like properties, timeline, and canvas that makes this not only an easy application to use but one of the best out there to do your animations.


This application can run in your pc browser as well as on your Android or iOS mobile device and gives you a wide selection of functionality. You can design anything from brochures, posters, social media images, calendars, videos and presentations and so much more. Import your raw data or start with a blank page or choose one of the many templates that they have available. The broad spectrum editing and layout tools that you have at your fingertips can help you do anything from cropping to background removal. Arrange your objects and images easily and add text and graphics just the way you like with this easy-to-use application.