Product Creation Courses

Images are for illustrative purposes only, all courses are digital downloads.

Publishing with Kindle

If you believe you are the next bestselling author, then you need to get connected to the Amazon program Kindle Direct Publishing. This program gets your how-to book or intriguing novel published in the Kindle Store. As the most powerful paid search engine, Amazon has the most captive audience for your next great novel or self-help book. User visits the site with their credit cards at the ready, so why not get them to buy our next amazing creation in the Kindle Store.

Publish Audio Books on ACX

ACX gives youth a chance to publish your audiobook in the Audible channels, so if you believe that your audiobook needs to be shared with the world then get on this platform now. Your unabridged audiobook will be available for purchase on Audible’s amazing audiobook platform and being an Amazon company you know that there is more than enough traffic to get you audio creation off the shelves. Just make sure that you legally own the content and you are ready to begin publishing.


Create an iPhone Product

Creating an app for your iPhone might seem like the easiest thing in the world when you look at the app, but it is actually a very technical process but can be very rewarding. App development for iOS is the process of making the complex seem simple but those that get it right are praised by all, not to mention the financial rewards that are possible. We use apps in every part of our lives and we all enjoy having the best apps on our phones, so why not get into the business of creating those sought after apps. The truth is that there are 100’s of resources out there to help you develop the next Nr1 iPhone app and you don’t always have to be the most experienced person either, you can develop an app with relatively little experience and still get noticed.